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Dokos, The oldest shipwreck in the world


Nikos Vergitsis

Stratos Stasinos

Script writer

Nikos Vergitsis




Engl sub, 35mm, 55 min

The underwater filming of the archaeological excavation at Dokos island,carried out by the Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology from 1989 to 1992 under the direction of the archaeologist George Papathanasopoulos was the first full scale excavation of an ancient wreck in Greece which also employed the most up-to-date technological methods of the time. The underwater site of Dokos is the most valuable tangible evidence for navigation, sea trade, technology and the economy in the Aegean during the late 3rd millennium BC.


  • 1st International Meeting for Archaeological Film, 1996 -Best Photography Award

  • 8th International Festival of Archaeological Film, 1997- the Audience Award in Rovereto, Italy.

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