Magic Birds: The Series, Seasons 1 & 2

Pandora,  430  years  old,  and  380-year-old  Plato,  are two Magic Birds  in  love.  They are the last surviving members of their remarkable species. Little do they know that wicked Marilyn and her two ambitious sons, Charlie and Louis, have one purpose in life: to keep them apart. Marilyn has discovered a secret that not even Pandora and

Plato know; their tears have magical powers! A tear of sorrow from a Magic Bird can be used to cast any spell, while a tear of joy will break it instantly. However, Pandora and Plato will never give up. For in their hearts and minds they know that happiness, just like a teardrop, comes from within!


Nikos Vergitsis

Giorgos Nikoloulias


Giorgos Nikoloulias

Script writer

Nikos Vergitsis


Children Animation

TV Episodes

26 x 26 min


2D- Full HD

Animation Productions

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