ARTOON Animation Production Studio was founded in Athens in 1993 with the purpose of producing high quality animated content. ARTOON aims to deliver quality animation programs and entertainment to a worldwide audience through various broadcast platforms and licensing activities.


Today the studio is represented by ARTOON LTD incorporated in Greece which is a subsidiary company of ARTOON ENTERTAINMENT LTD, Cyprus.


The sole rightful and exclusive copyright holder of its own cartoons, television series and book series throughout the world as well as all merchandises deriving from the projects.


An award winning Greek animation company, a pioneer in its field with a wide range of projects (its most famous being the Magic Birds, the first Greek animation series) and various collaborations with advertising companies and brands. Creating work in 2D & 3D Animation, product design and publishing, Artoon Entertainment creates innovative content aimed at the creative thinkers of tomorrow.

We aim to educate the creative thinkers of tomorrow 

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